Where Little Bear's Came From

 At Little Bear’s Homespun Suds, we us high quality ingredients to make our luxury soaps, bath bombs, lotions and more. 

The journey of our business started in 2016, when we discovered our daughter’s (Little Bear) seasonal eczema. The prescription soaps and lotions where full for chemicals. As a result I started researching how to make our own skin loving goodies. After working on bath bomb recipes for over a year we came up with one that worked great for her skin. From there we started researching soaps, lotions and other products to help her skin. In 2018, I decided to share our creations with everyone. 

Each bath bomb is made with buttermilk, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Our soaps are uniquely made with nourishing oils. Some are even made with beer, wine and coffee!

All our skin loving products are handcrafted in small batches among the foothills of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.